Create Your Own Distinctive Style

When choosing a combination of an outfit and accessories, it often pays to mix things up a little bit.

If you are wearing a solid brown dress, for example, you probably don’t want to wear earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or other accessories that are all the exact same shade of brown. Monochromatic accessories — or jewelry that are all the same color — will wash out your look and leave you looking dull and, ironically, colorless.

A better plan is to choose accessories that complement, rather than match, your outfit. Bracelets or earrings that are a lighter or darker shade of the color of your outfit, for example, will draw the eye to the whole outfit rather than creating a single color palette. Necklaces or rings that are a color that augments brown, such as luscious cream or a muted shade of yellow, can really make your outfit pop.

Heavy Metal 

Metallic accessories tend to go better with most colors. Shades of silver, gold, bronze, and other naturally occurring metals offer a versatility that synthetic colors don’t.

Fashions change over time. Accessories that featured bright, primary colors were popular in the ’70s and ’80s but seem dated now. But jewelry that features muted metallic colors is timeless. You can keep them in your jewelry box forever because they never go out of style.

Plus, metallic colored jewelry will complement a wider variety of outfits. They go with most colors, designs, and textures. And they naturally draw the eye of the beholder where you want it to go.

Stylish Sophistication

Fashion jewelry like rings, bracelets, necklaces, broaches, and more can be matched in an unlimited number of ways with a wider variety of outfits and looks. They expand your personal wardrobe exponentially, allowing you to go formal or casual, comfortable or sophisticated all in the same day.

Marta Zancanaro offers a unique selection of stylish personal fashion jewelry that let you create your own distinct look while adding versatility and glamor to your wardrobe.

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