Jewelry Should Accent Your Look

Normally, jewelry isn’t the centerpiece of your look. There are exceptions, of course. The Queen of England wears a crown on formal state occasions. A newly engaged bride-to-be will show off her new engagement ring among her closest friends.

But outside of these extremes, most jewelry is worn for other purposes, such providing an accent for your outfit or drawing the attention of the viewer to a certain part of the body such as the wrists or decolletage.

Maximizing and Minimizing

The best jewelry choices are those that contribute to your whole look, not those that monopolize the way people see you. A tiny tennis bracelet, for example, can often be just enough to bring out all the other design elements of your look, including things like your clothes, your hairstyle, even your cosmetics.

A big, bold broach can anchor and outfit without taking over your look. The art of style is all about balancing the different elements of your look to create a memorable, cohesive whole that makes you both attractive and unique.

Mixing and Matching Fashion Jewelry

There is an infinite number of combinations of clothing, hairstyles, makeup, jewelry, and even the kind of perfume you wear that can influence the way other people see you. Part of the fun of being stylish is trying new and different combinations to create different looks for different occasions.

The way you would dress for a date with somebody you are interested in will be different than how you would create your look for a board meeting at work. A family holiday gathering requires an entirely different combination of elements than those you would choose for a quiet night with friends.

Finding the perfect fashion jewelry pieces that can create fun and fabulous looks for a variety of combinations is one of the most exciting parts of being fashionable.

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