Quality & Care


Marta Zancanaro Jewelry offers unique products utilizing natural stones made in Brazil with true handcrafted settings and frames.

Our 925 Sterling Silver collections are made with over 92.5% pure silver that is mixed with alloys to add strength and durability. It’s a precious and affordable metal that has been used by skilled jewelers and expert craftsmen for many years.

Still, with both our brass-plated pieces and our 925 Silver, the durability of individual pieces will depend mostly on the user. So we highly recommend the proper care and treatment of your jewelry to extend its life and retain its luster.


Brass Plated Jewelry

Lightly wipe jewelry with a soft cloth to eliminate any dirt or dust from accumulating. Clean pieces only with current water and neutral soap if necessary. Do not use brushes. Never use ultrasonic cleaner or any chemical solutions such as acetone, fluoride toothpaste, alcohol, or other chemical solutions to clean your jewelry as they may damage the piece and stain the stones.

To avoid accidental chemical reactions in your jewelry, apply in advance any hand creams, perfumes, deodorants or other chemical product. Also avoid the contact with hair coloring or tint, shampoo, regular soaps, saltwater sunscreen, hairspray, and excessive perspiration.

Keep jewelry away from hard surfaces and store each individual jewelry in the provided soft material pouch to prevent scratches.


Sterling Silver Jewelry (Exclusive to Vida Collection)

Silver, in contact with the air, can undergo a chemical phenomenon known as oxidation. Over time, this may result in a change in the original coloring of the jewel.

This color change cannot be considered as a quality or not of alloys. It is a natural and superficial change, occurring to a greater or lesser extent due to a variety of factors including the proximity of saltwater oceans, the pH of the wearer’s skin, or the way the jewelry is stored.

  • Cleaning – Add a drop of neutral detergent to the warm water and dip your jewel for 10 minutes, avoiding the use of abrasive utensils.
  • Storage – Because exposure to air can tarnish silver, storing your silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags is an excellent preventative measure. Just make sure you don’t store multiple jewelry pieces in the same bag: Silver is a soft metal, so the individual pieces can scratch each other.
  • Care of Pearls and Organic Gems – Contact with perfumes and creams should be avoided. It is recommended to clean the pearls with a soft, damp cloth while cleaning. Never use any type of brush.