What’s the Difference between Gold-Plated and Fashion Jewelry?

When shopping for jewelry, it pays to pay attention to the description. There are a lot of terms that jewelry companies use to describe their offerings and if you aren’t familiar with the industry nomenclature, it’s easy to get confused.

For example, fashion jewelry often offers great looking pieces combined with genuine value.

Everybody who wears jewelry wants to look fashionable. Yet fashion jewelry is often much more affordable than pieces made from precious metals and actual rare gemstones. With fashion jewelry, you can look stylish and sophisticated without having to break the bank to do it.

Gold-Plated vs Gold-Filled Jewelry

Another important distinction has to do with gold, which is arguably the most important material in jewelry making. A lot of fashion jewelry may look like it is real gold but actually be made of a look-alike metal. And some jewelry that is made of gold may glitter only on the outside.

As the name implies, gold-plated jewelry is plated in real gold. That usually makes it significantly more expensive than fashion jewelry that actually may be made of a little bit of gold combined with another material.

Gold-filled jewelry, on the other hand, is often more costly than gold-plated because it includes real gold on both the inside and the outside of the piece. The amount of gold found inside gold-filled jewelry can often be found stamped somewhere on the piece, as required by law in the US. But jewelry made outside of the US may not fall under the same jewelry requirements.

Solid Gold Jewelry

Most valuable — and rarest — of all is solid gold jewelry. The price of gold fluctuates because it is a precious metal sold on the open market. But it usually goes up over time and traditionally holds its value better than a lot of other investments. So solid gold jewelry can not only make you look stylish and sophisticated, but it also can be an investment in your future.

Whether you choose fashion jewelry, gold-plated, gold-filled, or solid gold, you can always look your best if you choose the right pieces for your unique style.

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